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Chin State is locted in western Myanmar, bordering India and Bangladesh. The population in Chin State is well over 500,000 people. The Chin also have a large population, across the Myanmar border, in India. Many have fled Myanmar due to years of intense oppression by the military government, living in the US and other countries as refugees. There are over 50 distinct dialects spoken among the Chin people.

Chin State is the poorest state in Myanmar. There are no known natural resources like in other areas of the country. Residents work very hard trying to raise crops on the mountainsides.
The terrain in Chin State is very rugged, yet, stunningly beautiful. The roads were built by the British military during WWII. They are quite narrow and have been in poor condition for many years. There is a current rebuilding effort to improve the roads.
The first missionaries came to Chin State in 1899, Rev. Arthur E. Carson and his wife, Laura. Before this, the Chin were mostly animists, sacrificing animals to appease the spirits. In 1905, the first Chin person accepted Christ. As of now, over 90% of the Chin are evangelized.
In the summer of 2015, Myanmar was hit by a terrible flood. Chin State, the poorest state, was hit the hardest. Entire villages were washed away, homes were destroyed, and landslides killed many, many people. Even large bridges were completely washed away, cutting off food and other vital supplies to thousands. There are even some places still suffering from a slow moving landslide. These villages are in the process of relocating because it isn't a question of if but when their villages will collapse. These people are trying to get to safety, but they are so poor. This isn't an easy task without outside help.
For a little "sight and sound" of Chin State, take a short drive through the city of Falam, out to the golf course. Be sure to stay on the road!
Chin State is very scenic. Everywhere you look is a great picture. I shot this time lapse from our guesthouse balcony in Falam.
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