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Restoration Bible Institute

RBI, Restoration Bible Institute, was established in Yangon, Myanmar in 1999 by Edward John Bill as a way to help impoverished youth in Myanmar become tomorrow's leaders in ministry. Many children in remote areas don't have the opportunity for a good education due to poverty, thus becoming second class citizens in Myanmar. RBI exists to help these youth through vocational training based on Biblical principals.


RBI offers two tracks of education. The first is a ministry school, training preachers and teachers in sound Biblical doctrine and preparing them for service. The second track is vocational training. Courses offered are computer, music, electronics, nurses aid, and English. We believe with this vocational training and training on the Word of God, these youth will become good witnesses for Christ in the workplace and leaders in their homes and villages.

There are currently three full time teachers, and three part time teachers, based on their expertise. The students from RBI get hands on experience in Christian service by participating in local churches, village evangelism trips, work at Blossom Preschool in Yangon, and ministry at the Children's Hospital in Yangon. There are over 150 graduates from RBI, many are serving in churches and some as missionaries in non Christian areas of Myanmar.

Lincoln and Leah Bill

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