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Many of the Chin and other ethnic groups in Myanmar have fled their homeland due to severe persecution, both religious and ethnic. Through the United Nations, many have been able to resettle in the United States and other countries. The following video tells their story in a nutshell, and what some in central Indiana have done to assist them.
This video was made in 2009 and several things have changed in our part of Indianapolis. There are now over 16,000 Chin refugees living here on the south side and at least 45 churches. There are also at least 20 different dialects of Chin in our community. It is such an amazing thing to witness first hand, having grown up with so many connections to Myanmar through my father, and now, having so many neighbors who are from Myanmar. God is truly amazing!
(The website mentioned at the end of this video will soon link you to the Chin Community of Indianapolis.)
There are several ministries and organizations formed here in Indianapolis by Chin friends of mine who are trying to assist their local population in various ways. Please take time to view their websites in the links below and learn what they are doing.
iLife serves Christ by serving our neighbors, mentoring, developing leaders, inspiring unity and building a kingdom community, providing hope and inspiration with integrity to those in need.
Hope For Tomorrow empowers Burmese Refugees by providing services to overcome barriers. They focus on building a bridge between the Burmese and American community.
The Burmese American Community Institute (BACI) is a non-profit organization that provides social services, educational and vocational support to the Burmese in greater Indianapolis. The BACI also support community members regionally, nationally, and globally through collaborative initiatives, strategic partnerships, and advocacy.
At CF we serve as resource center connecting people, services, education and technology through our office in Hakha, capital of Chin State, as well as in USA.
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