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RBI Mission Trip-2017

Every year, when classes have finished, the staff from RBI take the students on a mission trip somewhere inside of Myanmar. This year they went to Chin State. Over the course of 5 weeks, they visited 15 villages and 18 churches.

On the ride from Yangon to Chin State, the bus they were riding on had 2 flat tires within 20 miles. After the second flat, Lincoln determined that it was time to take a different bus.

As you can tell by the pictures, Chin State is an extremely rugged place. One village may be near the road and others can be several thousand feet lower down the mountain. The group travelled in a 4 wheel drive for several of the stops, but most of the villages required climbing and hiking to reach.

One of the many ways they prepared for this trip was by selling fresh fruits in front of Lincoln's home in Yangon. Money raised went to the purchase of reading glasses and other supplies to distribute among the villagers.

This mission trip is so valuable to the students, getting first hand experience ministering the Gospel. Some of them preached, others did children's ministry, and others did light medical work with the villagers. Special thanks to everyone who gave to help them be a blessing in Chin State.

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